Citrine | Auspicious Bamboo Soy Candle

Citrine | Auspicious Bamboo Soy Candle

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Citrine - The Crystal of Abundance

wealth | prosperity | happiness

Citrine is a yellow variety of quarts found in various locations around the world. It is known as the money magnet stone as it helps to manifest success and wealth. Just as a sunny day lifts your spirits, Citrine brings light, brightness and joy to your life. No darkness and misery can exist once you learn to harmonize with Citrine. It clears blocks and obstacles from your life, allowing you to confidently attract what you need and desire.


Auspicious Bamboo

It is known fact that Bamboo plants attract positive energy that is supposed to bring good health, peace, happiness, prosperity, longevity and good luck into the home. With Dorothy Scents soy candles, you can create a tranquil haven with our Auspicious Bamboo's soothing, comforting aroma as you meditate and manifest. This scent is a complex union of bamboo foliage, green florals and a dash of citrus.


100g jar - 18+ hours


Eco Wick (100g)


Hand poured Patchouli soy wax and essential oil blends


TIPS: Always burn candles until the wax pools to the edge of the glass

ESPECIALLY FOR THE FIRST BURN. Otherwise, you will get what is called tunneling and that wastes all the wax stuck to the sides of the glass. Do not burn longer than 4 hours. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4". If crystals fall onto wicks, wait until wax cools and use a spoon to guide the crystal back to the side wall of the glass. When your candle has burned completely, cleanse crystals and vessel with hot water and soap.


Cleaning and cleansing crystals are important. As we work with their energies, they can absorb or take on negative energies we have cleared from ourselves.

While they always maintain a similar vibration regardless of use, over time, they can actually change in colour, become cloudy or physically change if not cleared on a regular basis. This being said, because every crystal has its own personality and gifts, use your intuition as to whether or not they need clearing, as not all stones will need to be cleared.


Visualize all negativity and/or old energies flowing down the drain with the water. Or place in a stream or lake using a mesh bag to hold them so you don't lose them.


A few hours to a few days in direct light outdoor or by a sunny window


Great for softer energy stones such as moonstone or selenite. Use the FULL MOON or new moon cycles but any moonlight works.


Place on a bowl of dry coarse sea salt or dissolve a few tablespoons of sea salt in a bowl of water (some stones do not like water so please research online before use)


The use of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, or even your own voice through toning or singing with intention with clear crystals.

TIPS : Use caution with a few types of stones! This is a basic list ONLY.. be sure to research each stone if you are unsure.